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Aquarium 2 Way Air Control Valve

2,50 د.إ

In stock

Great to be used for regulating the oxygen volume either increase or slow the airflow down into air stone, or controlling water flow for plants drip irrigation system. The size and volume of the air pump can be easily adjusted, simple operation, convenient and durable.

Aquarium Air Stone

2,50 د.إ

In stock

An airstone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen for fish to breathe, is an necessity to have around your house if your are a lover of aquatic animals. Pawfly air stones are made of high quality non-toxic mineral material. With high temperature sintering, the stones are sturdy and durable, have high dissolved oxygen rate and create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones.

Aquarium Air Hose

2,50 د.إ

In stock

Air Hose for Aquariums is the solution for all your aquarium airline needs.  It is designed and d to be safe for salt and freshwater aquatic environments. It is made from ultra clear, durable plastic and very flexible. Airline Tubing blends in with your aquatic scene so your aquarium ornaments and décor can stand out.  The non-toxic plastic tubing is safe for all fish.  It is also resistant to kinking so can bend and maneuver the airline tube and it will perform as designed.  Price per meter.

Zebra Danio Mix

3,35 د.إ

Out of stock

The Zebra Danio is endemic to India, however encountering wild specimens is rare, as the majority of Zebra danio available within the aquarium trade are commercially produced because it’s more cost effective and they spawn very readily. One of the most popular danio species and very easy to keep, the Zebra danio appears just as its name suggests with a shimmering silver body that has several horizontal dark stripes. Zebra danio are natural shoaling fish, thriving best with at least 8 individuals but more are encouraged. Danios are gregarious, and too few of individuals can result in them harassing other tank mates. An adult Zebra danio can reach a size of approximately 1.5″.


Air Pump Check Valve One Way Non-Return

5,00 د.إ

In stock

To stop the water in your tank from flowing back out your airline. Air or water can freely move through the valve in one direction. But if water comes down the tube, it will be unable to drain any farther than the check valve, which will stop the water in its tracks – never worry about backflow again!
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A client that's unhappy for a reason is a problem, a client that's unhappy though he or her can't

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