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External Aquarium Co2 Atomizer with Bubble Counter

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Stainless steel CO2 diffuser , durable as well as elegant , adding a beautiful scenery to your aquarium . The CO2 diffuser provides rich carbon dioxide to the aquarium plants in the fish tank, ensures the nutritional absorption of aquatic plants, and creates a good aquarium environment. High efficiency of diffusing carbon dioxide . Easily to install and use . Helps to ensure plants receive proper amounts of CO2 , improve the growth and health of your plants with sufficient CO2 supply . Suitable for use as a decoration or provides a good source of aeration for the tank or aquarium .

Instant Glue (Aquascaping Glue)

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Instant Glue no harm to plants and animals, easily stick and fix plants no hardscape works perfectly under water. No more time consuming on typing Moss.
Gel form, can be used on driftwood, stones and other hardscape.

Ista Methylene Blue Solution

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Ista Methylene Blue effectively prevents and protects against superficial fungal infections of fishes, and also protects newly laid fish eggs from fungal or bacterial infections. As a secondary use, it is also effective against some external protozoans, including Ichthyophthirius (Ich).

Ista CO2 Indicator with Solution

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CO2 is one of the key elements for plant growth. Insufficient CO2 will result to improper growth of aquatic plants. So it is important to constantly monitor and ensure the correct amount of CO2 is supplied into the planted aquarium.

Ista Filter Wool

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Ista Filter Wool is a synthetic filter floss which does not release any harmful substances into the water. It is suitable for use with both mechanical and biological filtration systems in either freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Ista Filter Wool can be used on its own or in combination with any other standard filter material.

Ista 3in1 Smart Maintainer Kit

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This glass pane cleaner comes with a total of three different attachments. The correct attachment is found for every degree of soiling. Included are an attachment with a 7 cm wide blade, an extension with an equally wide rubber lip and one with a fabric of synthetic fibers. The attachments can be changed without tools.

Ista Aquascaping Glue

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Ista Aquascaping glue  Easy to use, instant effect, for perfect results use it inside or outside water. No harm to plants and animals, easily stick and fix plants on hardscape, works perfectly. Can be used on plants, driftwood, stones and other hardscape. Must have product for aquascapers. Avoid being used in touch with skin and eyes.

Ista CO2 External Reactor 12 mm

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CO2 External Reactor is the most efficient application of CO2 dissolution. The patented impeller design completely crushes the CO2 bubbles. Compact in size, and used externally. Durable to acidity and impact resistant. Designed to prevent CO2 gas from collecting at the top. Electricity is not required, since it uses the flow of water from the filter. Easy to clean and simple to maintain.

Ista CO2 Starter Set

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ISTA Co2 Diffuser Set  ideal for Nano Tanks. These sets can be easily adapted to any kind of tank, even plug and play tanks. Ideal for beginners, and low light tanks, with low demands for CO2. The CO2 could last for months, if setup correctly. For low light tanks, the rate of 1 bubble every 5 seconds can guarantee the usage for months. Place the CO2 diffuser to the very bottom of the tank to achieve the best CO2 diffusing effect.

Ista Soil for Plant and Shrimp pH6.5

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Ista Soil for Plant and Shrimp pH6.5 is specially formulated to allow optimal rooting and growth of aquarium water plants. This soil substrate is specially made from natural soil, sintered into a soft, porous and granular structure with excellent filtering power. Soil helps maintain stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time. It is sintered with organic acid suitable for shrimp, fresh water fish, and plants.