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Chaning Aquarium Quartz Heater

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Chaning Aquarium Quartz Heater are the new and improved version of glass heaters, featuring high-quality, submersible quartz glass with a visible temperature readout. Heaters are easy to install - just use the suction cups to secure your heater in the desired area. Fully submersible aquarium heaters High quality, break resistant quartz glass construction Visible temperature setting for accurate reading Features suction cups to secure to your tank.

Hobby Aqualon Filter Wool-100 g

15,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Aqualon Filter Wool Is not only able to trap bacterial colonies but above all also acts as a filter material for catching coarse dirt and debris.

JBL Discon

69,50 د.إ (Including Vat)

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JBL Discon spawning cone for discus fish. Key Features:  Ideal spawning aid for discus fish: spawning cone for egg laying female discus fish.  High acceptance due to cone-shaped structure. Easy disinfection and cleaning.  Stable and unbreakable - made of neutral plastic material.  Easy disinfection and cleaning: boil spawning cone in hot water for about 2 hours.

Sera Precision Thermometer

20,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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  • Highly precise glass thermometer with thin, easy-to-read glass capillary tube
  • Modern glass thermometer for aquariums and terrariums, with esthetic and graceful design
  • With high-resolution scale (0 – 50°C) and long-lived rubber suction cups. This robust instrument tolerates temporary temperatures from -10 – 60°C without damage

Sera Siporax Professional 1L

94,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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The original Sera Siporax Professional is suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums as well as in ponds. Not depending on the kind of filter (internal/external/trickle filter), it maximizes the surface required for biological purification and provides the optimal substrate for the settling of necessary filter bacteria.

Seachem PhosGuard

39,00 د.إ51,50 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Seachem PhosGuard rapidly removes phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater aquaria. Although PhosGuard is effective in both fresh and marine water, it will operate better in sea water and the need for it is better defined in sea water.

Seachem De-Nitrate

21,00 د.إ45,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Seachem de-nitrate is an economical, natural, porous material with a pore distribution and geometry that promotes both aerobic nitrification within the first few millimeters of depth and anaerobic denitrification at the core. The material has a high surface area and supports a high density of bacteria. Although de-nitrate has capacity to trap nitrate, this, as with other nitrate retaining materials, such as certain zeolites and synthetic resins, is quite limited and the primary mechanism of nitrate removal is anaerobic.

Eheim Air Pump 400

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Eheim dampen the noise of the air pump by using rubber edging. Not only will this help sience the pump but it also keeps it in position with out the effect of vibration movement. The air pump can sit horizontally or vertically by using a hook. Comes complete with bubbling diffuser and Eheim has a unique modern design that looks great in a an aquarium.
  • Very quiet operation
  • Long service life, best quality
  • Airflow adjustable at each air outlet on the device
  • Additional adjustment of the air flow and bubble effect using the diffusor
  • Completely equipped with 2 air diffusors and 2m airline
  • Rubber suction pads to dampen vibration
  • Hook for hanging vertically
  • Weight: 1.0kg

Foshan Aquarium Fish Net

8,00 د.إ25,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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High quality fine fish net for aquarium fish tank use. Perfect for moving fish  from one tank to another safely, or for basic tank maintenance tasks.

Aquarium Black Fish Net

15,00 د.إ30,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Ideally suited to gently catch sensitive shrimp and crabs from the aquarium. Black coloring facilitates the recovery of aquarium inhabitants considerably. Especially rounded corners make for best catching results. The netting is embedded into the frame thus preventing tearing of the net or snagging on the corners.

Dymax Mini Vac

31,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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- Removes debris from aquarium - For mini aquarium use - Quick and easy water change - Self-start siphon - Adjustable flow rate

Sera Filter Wool 100g

15,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Sera filter wool for the mechanical prefiltration consists of stable fibers that retain finer dirt particles for a longer time without sticking or collapsing. sera filter wool can be washed out several times. Suitable for all filters. We recommended sera siporax Professional for the biological filtration. sera siporax Professional is open pored and three dimensional - for lasting pollutant breakdown. sera filter media must be rinsed under warm water before using it for the first time.