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Sobo Aquarium Wave Maker (WP-800M)

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Wave makers are basically water surge devices that are used in aquariums to produce waves that are similar to nature. These devices stimulate the water and allow water to be circulated in the aquarium which helps provide oxygen to the fish and invertebrates. If you want to have healthy fish. In nature, fish are used to swimming against waves and feeling the water moving around them. Putting a wavemaker in the tank will be beneficial for their mood and health.

Sobo HS Aquarium Glass Heater

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Sobo Submersible Aquarium Glass Heater, With the use of the temperature controller, This allows accurate thermal control via the easy set thermostat for precise adjustments. Easy to install and use. Great for both fresh water and marine water aquariums, aquaculture, terrariums & hydroponic systems! Provides accurate thermal control. Set and adjust the desired temperature.