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Seachem Reef Dip 250ML

78,50 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Seachem Reef Dip contains elemental iodine complexed to a protective slime coat for safely and gently disinfecting corals. It is effective against bacteria, fungus, and protozoans. It may be used prophylactically (without evidence of disease) or to remedy diseased specimens. It is safe to use with both stony and soft corals. It is also safe for anemones and polyps. KEY FEATURES:
  • Coral disinfectant
  • Elemental iodine complex, disinfects corals
  • Good for use before introducing new corals

Red Sea Algae Management NO3:PO4-X

94,00 د.إ168,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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A complete, reef-safe, controllable solution for nitrate & phosphate reduction. NO3:PO4-X is the original, safest, most popular, and best solution that provides a full, reef-safe, controllable method for nitrate and phosphate reduction, thereby boosting coral growth and coloration in any reef or marine fish system.