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Qanvee NaNo-Q Algae Scraper

40,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Qanvee small NaNo-Q is the perfect tool for a clear view into the aquarium. The black scraper is made of an aluminium-magnesium alloy and is therefore free from corrosion. The holder can be assembled easily using the threads provided. After use, the scraper can effortlessly be taken apart again for storage. The blades can be replaced quickly with the help of the included hex key. Each package contains 10 of the blades that can be used on both sides.

Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter QS-100A

25,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Qanvee Bio Sponge Filter is a multi-filtration equipment for shrimp or fish tank. It can be used with a combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration which creates clean and clear water for the aquarium.

Qanvee Algae Scraper Q1

45,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Qanvee Scraper has a sleek and good quality design with lighter material which makes your tank maintenance work easier. Extendable algae scraper that suits various sizes of aquariums. Function: Suitable for cleaning, used for sand smoothing and algae scraping

Qanvee Moss Ball

20,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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This mineral ball is a great holder for planting moss to DIY moss ball. At the same time, it can be the bucephalandra . It will nitrify bacteria, release multiple mineral and microelement that is good to fish and shrimp. Clear plastic ball cooperate with moss ball or bucephalandra makes it to be the perfect decoration. If you put a filter into the tank, it also has the function of water purification. Perfect for use in fish tank, shrimp tank and aquarium.

Qanvee CO2 Atomizer

70,00 د.إ85,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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The Qanvee CO2 Atomizer is an inline aquarium CO2 diffuser that is designed to be installed outside of the planted tank rather than being placed inside the aquarium. It will keep your aquarium much cleaner and free of additional equipment visible inside the planted tank. Simply attach the Qanvee CO2 atomizer to the outflow tubing of a canister filter. This CO2 atomizer will provide extremely fine dissolution of CO2 in the aquarium.