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Sera Quick Test 50-Strips

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The Sera Quick Test provides the optimal possibility to check the most important water parameters (pH value, carbonate hardness, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite and chlorine) in the aquarium with just one test strip quickly and without any problems. Immerse a test strip in your tank for a second, then wait for 1 minute and compare the intensity of its colors to the chart on the package. A safe procedure that also supports beginners achieve best possible water quality in their aquariums. In case the measurement reveals deviations from the optimal levels, the sera liquid tests allow determining the differences exactly.

Seachem Alert Combo

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Seachem sensor technology Includes Ammonia Alert® and pH Alert® Continuously monitors ammonia and freshwater pH No chemicals or test procedures are required. The Alert Combo™ pack combines Ammonia Alert® (1 card) and pH Alert® (1 card). Ammonia Alert® and pH Alert® are almost half the size of competing products. At 1.5" x 2.5", they are small, clear, and unobtrusive, so they won't detract from the view of your aquarium. Simply place Ammonia Alert® and pH Alert® visibly anywhere in the aquarium or filter. It’s that easy. No chemicals or test procedures are required.

API PH Test Kit, 250 count

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The API pH TEST KIT monitors pH to maintain healthy freshwater conditions in your tank. pH control is imperative to prevent the harmful effects of overly alkaline or acidic aquarium water on fish and plant life, so take a few minutes each week to maintain and monitor your pH conditions with this easy-to-use kit! Tests read pH from 6.0 – 7.6, and will help you quickly and easily determine whether your levels are too high or too low.

API KH Test Kit

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The API KH TEST KIT tests fresh or saltwater aquariums for carbonate hardness (KH), and helps monitor water quality and prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish and plants. Carbonate hardness stabilizes aquarium pH, and can be used to determine the proper dose of pH buffers.

API High Range pH Tet Kit, 160 Count

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The API HIGH RANGE pH TEST KIT measures pH changes in marine aquariums, aquariums with African Cichlids, and very alkaline tap water. The API HIGH RANGE pH TEST KIT reads the pH of water within the high range of 7.4 – 8.8, and includes one bottle of test solution and one test tube.

API GH & KH Test Kit

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When keeping freshwater fish and plants, the general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) of aquarium water should match their natural habitat. The API® GH & KH TEST KIT helps you duplicate the natural habitat of your fish to prevent stress, keeping them healthy!

API Ammonia Test Kit 130 Count

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The API Ammonia Test Kit measures ammonia to help prevent fish loss, as ammonia is the number one stressor and killer of tropical fish. Ammonia is released into an aquarium in the forms of uneaten food, decaying organic matter, and when fish release it through their gills, urine, and solid waste. The API Ammonia Test Kit is a mercury-free, salicylate test for fresh and saltwater fish, and measures ammonia levels from 0 to 8 ppm.

Hygger 8 in 1 Aquarium Water Test kit

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Hygger 8 in 1 Aquarium Water Test kit strips can be used at freshwater & saltwater aquariums and ponds. Compared to liquid test kit, these testing pads are faster to results, less messy, one strip tests for 8 water parameters at one time. Hygger 8-IN-1 test strips test for pH level, Hardness, Ammonia nitrogen, Nitrates, Nitrites, Total Chlorine, Carbonate Root and Total Alkalinity. Constantly monitor water parameters, provides good water quality for your healthy fish.

Digital PH Meter

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PH Meter is ph tester digital and useful for water quality test of household or laboratory; It's suitable for testing pH balance of drinking water, pool, aquarium, RO system, Spa, or hydroponics. No need to work with color charts or messy test strips, this ph meter get the result fast and accurate. It with 0.01 resolution, 0.05 accuracy, full pH 0.00-14.00 measurements!

TDS Meter 2

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A TDS meter is a small hand-held device used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids in a solution, usually water. Since dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and minerals, increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter measures the conductivity of the solution and estimates the TDS from that reading.

API Freshwater Master Test Kit

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The API® FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT measures the 4 most important levels in freshwater aquariums quickly and accurately, including pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. With scientific accuracy for professional results, the reusable FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT comes with 4 glass test tubes with snap-tight caps and a convenient holding tub for easy storage. Also includes a step-by-step instruction booklet with a color chart that provides information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.

API 5-in-1 Test Strips

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API® 5-IN-1 TEST STRIPS are the quick and easy way to test the 5 most important aquarium water parameters – pH, KH, GH, nitrate, and nitrite – in one easy step. Simply dip one test strip directly into the aquarium, and compare the colors on the strip to the color card provided to help prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish. Each kit includes detailed information on how to interpret the test results and correct unsafe water conditions.