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Seachem Reef Glue 20g

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Seachem Reef Glue is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for gluing and mounting coral frags and colonies to reef rock or plugs. It bonds within seconds and has excellent control, hold and durability characteristics. It can even be used underwater.

Salinity Refractometer

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Refractometer for seawater and marine fishkeeping aquarium 0-100 ppt Details : This optical refractometer (salinity meter) has scales in the range of 0 - 100 ppt(0 - 10 %). The reading resolution is 1 ppt. It is designed for the measurement of seawater (marine aquaria) or very low concentrated salt solutions. The second scale is for reading of the salt solution density in range 1.000 to 1.070 g/cm3 (resolution 0.001 g/cm3). The usual salinity of the selected aqueous solutions 1.Fresh water --- 50 ppt (Salinity 36 ppt means, that there are 36 grams of salt in 1 liter aqueous solution.)

Kamoer New ATO One 2

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The Kamoer ATO One 2 is an intelligent water replenishment device, is an upgraded version of ATO One. ATO one 2 RO is the version with a solenoid valve. It only needs to install the sensor and solenoid valve, which can be used after power on without setting. The sensor is fixed by magnet, which is convenient for installation and adjustment. Equipped with optical level sensor, blue optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level and decide whether to replenish water, red optical level sensor is used to prevent the overflow. ATO One 2 RO has rich status indication, when the refill water overflows or overtime, when the water in the refill container is insufficient, ATO One 2 RO will have indicator light and buzzer alarm.

Jebao Smart Doser MD 4.4 Wi-Fi

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The Jebao Doser MD 4.4 is a newly innovated WIFI smart, and affordable dosing pump with 4 dosing heads. Each pump can be programmed to come on up to 24 times a day and dispense a precise amount of solution, which allows a user to keep their tank parameters stable, and removes the need for mixing supplements daily.

Jebao Smart Wave Maker MLW Series

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The Jebao MLW flow pumps (sine wave) with WiFi and LCD display is the newest pump from Jebao with a very wide diffused outflow resulting in virtually no dead spots / spots where there is no flow. These flow pumps come with a controller (External Drive Controller). The big advantage of these new pumps is that there are no electronic components in the pump, but that almost everything is in the controller. These new pumps also have sine wave technology, which results in very quiet operation. Due to these two new features, the pumps also have a longer life.

Jebao MDP Smart DC Pump

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Jebao new smart MDP pumps can be controlled through 2.4G Wi-Fi, all you need is a smartphone and the Jebao App. Enhanced performance and precise control of flow through your aquarium's reactors, sump, or closed loop system. With complete control through the Wi-Fi Controller, you can control 10 different speed and feed modes (10 minutes), Motor Protection if rotor is blocked. Super quiet operation. No copper components.

Bubble Magus – Protein Skimmer Curve Series

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The Bubble Magus Curve Series are budget-friendly skimmers with a simple and proven wine-glass body design for effective foam collection and a quiet, efficient needle-wheel pump that delivers lots of fine bubbles. Curve skimmers also have very compact footprints for sumps with tight spaces and include welcome features such as a quick-release collection cup for easy cleaning. The combination of proven and effective design and simple maintenance makes this an excellent choice for the value-minded reefer.

Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere

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Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Sphere is a new filter media for use in freshwater and marine water aquariums. With an ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area, each Bio-Sphere has up to 54 m² surface area for the establishment of bacterial colonies. With the use of stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology (W-BAF), the Bio-Spheres have a unique advantage in the treatment of water column with high Ammonia-Nitrogen (NH4-N) and high Nitrate-Nitrogen (NO3-N). The Bio-Spheres excel at establishing bacterial colonies in form of Bio-Nano Composite Films, it allows different species of bacteria and fungi to grow on its large surface area, such as nitrifying bacteria (including species of the genera Nitrosomas, Nitrosococcus, Nitrobacter and Nitrococcus), yeast phototrophic prokaryotes, etc.

Bubble Magus QQ2 Nano Skimmer

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Bubble Magus QQ2 is a compact internal protein skimmer that can be used as an internal drop-in skimmer with a minimum water level requirement of 4 "(10 cm). Plastic solidly molded ... The Bubble Magus QQ2 is a compact internal protein skimmer that can be used as an internal drop-in skimmer with a minimum water level requirement of 4 "(10 cm). Plastic solid molded housing with built-in air damper and bubble trap. Powered by an energy efficient SP600 needle wheel pump that only delivers 8.5w used. Great for (portable) frag tanks, quarantine tank or AIO aquariums to export dissolved organics in the water column. Recommended for aquariums up to approx. 100 liters.

Natures Ocean Reef Sand 10kg

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Live Sand, full of nitrifying bacteria, beneficial live worms, and other marine life. Great for helping a tank cycle. Our live sand is sustainably farm-raised on our aquaculture site and at our certified facility. It is strained twice through a fine wire mesh so any shells or particles over 1/32 of an inch are removed.

Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump

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The hygger aquarium dosing pump is a modern product that can automatically time and quantitatively add nutrient solutions according to demand. It can meet the various needs of different users and aquarists. It has an LCD and key buttons, which makes it easy to operate. The dosing pump works with low voltage. Only one wire is needed. You can connect an additional pump and use the other 4 pump channels. The coral box dosing pump head is removable for replacement. It is made of POM material with good wear resistance.

Red Sea – ReefLED 160S Universal Mount Arm

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The ReefLED 160S Universal Mount Arm attach securely to the back wall of your aquarium via the included bracket. Once attached, the light fixture can quickly be lifted to an upright position for easy access to the top of your aquarium for feeding or maintenance. Picking the right mounting arm for your aquarium is as easy as measuring the front to back distance on your aquarium and selecting the arm that your measurement falls between. Choosing the right one for your tank will let you properly position the Red Sea ReefLED 160S over your reef aquarium.