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Sera Plant Care Floredepot 2.4kg

50,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Sera Floredepot is a special nutrient substrate for plant aquariums, which contains many nutrients and supports root growth in aquatic plants. Sera Floredepot is a controlled release soil foundation fertiliser layer, which is used when setting up an aquarium as the lowest layer in the soil foundation. Finally, the decorative substrate in the form of sand or gravel is used above the medium. Sera Floredepot forms a good basis for the successful retention of aquatic plants in an aquarium. The substrate contains a mixture of sand, peat and important nutrients and trace elements. These support the rapid growth and rooting of aquarium plants. Especially in the start-up phase, the plants are supplied with all the necessary nutrients and thus can grow quickly. Sera Floredepot offers a unique structure that enables the growth of strong roots in plants.

Sera Catappa Leaves S 10pcs

39,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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The sera Catappa Leaves allow conditioning the water as in natural biotopes. The tropical almond leaves support natural behavior and readiness to spawn in ornamental fish and shrimps. Furthermore they prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Due to their astringent properties, they support the healing process after injuries. Shrimps, other crustaceans and catfish readily accept the tropical almond leaves as additional food.

Sera Spirulina Tabs Nature

24,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Sera Spirulina Tabs Nature is the veggie food without dyes and preservatives consisting of attaching tablets. It is excellently suitable for mainly herbivorous fish and invertebrates in fresh and marine water. The particularly high percentage of spirulina algae (24%) supports healthy digestion and liveliness. The balanced food supports healthy development, splendid appearance as well as appropriate behavior of the animals.