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Tetra EasyWipes

8,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Cleaning wipes for all tropical and marine aquariums. No damage to aquatic fish or plants Ideal for cleaning filters and heaters Suitable for various surfaces (glass and synthetics) Easy handling when removing lime residue and algae

Tetra Pond Sticks 1L

24,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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An ideal maintenance diet that provides nutrition for energy, longevity, and overall health. Feed in spring, summer, and fall, when water temperatures are 50°F and above. Tetra offers a variety of soft stick diets to provide the best possible nutrition all year round. Pond Sticks are designed to soften quickly for toothless pond fish and are highly digestible to promote clear water and minimize waste. Tetra Pond diets include the proper balance of nutrients to keep you fish in peak condition:

Tetra Cichlid Sticks 250 ML

33,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Tetra Cichlid Sticks color-enhancing stick food with high content of protein for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous cichlids, with wide variety of nutrients, guarantees fish's excellent health and condition as well as splendid coloration.

TetraMedica generaltonic 20 ML

38,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Multi-purpose remedy designed to treat the most common freshwater ornamental fish diseases. Helps with bacterial infections and ectoparasitic diseases such as Costia or freshwater Oodinium.

TetraMedica Contraick Plus 20 ML

38,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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TetraMedica Conntraick is designed to treat white spot disease (Ichthyo) in freshwater ornamental fish. Also helps treat other skin and gill parasites such as Trichodina and Chilodonella.

TetraMedica Fungistop Plus 20 ML

32,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Remedy designed to treat fungal infections and spawn fungus in freshwater ornamental fish. Also helps to treat external bacterial infections and mouth decay.

Tetratec Filter Internal IN-800

70,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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The Tetra Internal IN 800 Plus filter brings additional benefits to water clarity such as its two filter chambers for maximum efficiency and continuous control of the flow rate throughout the tank for ideal regulation. The device offers an advantage in that it remains within the tank throughout the entire cleaning process whilst the impeller can be easily removed. Two sponges allow for one filter foam to always remain in the filter chamber during the cleaning process to reduce the loss of beneficial bacteria. The powerful and ultra-professional 800 Plus Internal Filter from Tetra combines high quality physical. chemical and biological filtration with a number of sensational benefits to provide all-round efficiency within a compact and elegant design. The filter has been developed for ideal suitability in aquaria up to 150 litres.

Tetra AlguMin 100 ML

29,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Tetra AlguMin combats all types of algae effectively and is gentle for all aquarium inhabitants, plants and microorganisms if used as indicated. The liquid formula tackles algae quickly because the highly active ingredient specifically attacks the algae’s metabolism and effectively prevents algae growth. As the active ingredient is released immediately and distributed optimally in the aquarium water, Tetra AlguMin can combat algae quickly. The product does not discolour the aquarium water.

Tetra Pro Colour 250 ML

35,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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TetraPRO has set a new standard in fish nutrition. The premium complete food is manufactured using a gentle, low-heat process. This special manufacturing method gives TetraPRO Colour Multi-Crisps a very high nutritional value. The multi-crisps also absorb less water than normal flake food. This increases the nutrient content per volume. All TetraPRO foods offer also an optimised protein-fat ratio. This ensures that the fish can use the protein specifically to build muscle by providing plenty of essential fatty acids for energy generation. The additional colour concentrate in the multi-crisps, made from carotenoids, improves natural colouration. The innovative 2-colour technology visually represents these additional benefits. The multi-crisps also crumble much less than normal flakes, significantly reducing the amount of food dust in the containers. The high-quality prebiotics specifically stimulate growth and the metabolism of health-promoting bacteria in the intestinal tract by acting as a preferred source of food for useful bacteria. This minimises water pollution.

Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes 100 ML

21,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes have been specially developed for the nutritional needs of guppies and other live-bearing toothcarps such as platies, mollies and swordtails. The balanced complete food is ideal for daily feeding of these fish types. The mini flakes float on the surface for a short time before slowly sinking, making them ideal for fish that feed in the top region of the water. The flake size is designed to suit the small mouths of the fish, making it easier for them to feed. The special combination of nutrients ensures that your fish are getting everything they need. The food is rich in plant ingredients and contains added minerals. This means it is more readily accepted by fish and promotes growth. Meanwhile, the colour enhancers increase colouration. The BioActive formula promotes a healthy immune system. Tetra Guppy Mini Flakes increase vitality and help keep the water clear.

Tetra PlantaMin 100 ML

30,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Tetra PlantaMin is a high quality plant food which contains no nitrates or phosphates. The formula contains all the essential trace elements in a slow release format so that it can be dosed every 4 weeks. Aquarium plants are the green “power stations” of an aquarium. They play several key roles at the same time. Aquarium plants produce oxygen and improve the quality of the water. As a result, aquatic plants help create an appropriate environment for fish. Tetra PlantaMin intensively nourishes aquatic plants with iron, potassium, manganese and other important nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth. The depot formula ensures an optimum supply over 30 days. This actively prevents signs of deficiencies such as perforated, pale or discoloured leaves or reduced plant growth over extended periods of time. The nutrients contained in Tetra PlantaMin are optimally absorbed by the leaves. The promotion of chlorophyll formation enhances the colouring of aquatic plants, Healthy plant growth is the best way to prevent algae as healthy plants use up excess nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. Tetra PlantaMin is free of phosphate and nitrate and therefore does not contaminate the aquarium water.

TetraMin Granules 250 ML

39,00 د.إ (Including Vat)

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Complete food in the form of slowly sinking granules with high quality, functional nutrients, providing a full diet for daily feeding of all ornamental fish. Supports healthy fish growth, vitality and colour vibrancy. Plus prebiotics to help to support bodily functions and food conversion. Maintains clear water.